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Love, Health, Money

Love, Health or Money

What is the most important thing in life? Love, health or money?

Well, all these three things our important to live happily. But if you have to choose one. what will you choose?

Well, i will choose health first. Because if i have good health, i can earn money and love both. But if i have money and love but no health, in that case i will never be able to enjoy this life and survive.

Let me tell you why health is the most important thing and why health comes first before love and money. Related Post - click to read Money or Health? You Decide

Some of you must be thinking that without money or love you can`t survive on this earth and to be happy and successful in life you need both love and money, which is very true.

You can`t live or survive a day without money, because money can buy you food, new clothes, shoes, even good health and happiness. And to be happy you need to be loved, you need love.

But still i believe that health is the most important thing in this world.

Why health

It doesn`t matter if you are in school. or working, doing a job, a housewife or do nothing.

You all need to be fit and healthy to go to school everyday and get educated, to go to work everyday and earn money to survive, you need to have a good health, and be healthy to enjoy the real joy and be in peace.

Even if you are a house wife, you really need to be in good health, so you can take care of yourself and your family.

And if you do nothing, just enjoy spending money and stay busy in your love life, hey, you have to have a good health to enjoy such stuff.

If you are sick, unwell or if you have some major health issues, you know how it feels right? Nothing feels good and right when your physical or mental health is not good, You can`t work and make money, you can`t go anywhere, you can`t be happy and make your dreams come true. Related Post Depression and Its Treatment

Why health is important

I know some people who were earning a handsome salary per month but some of them suffered with some major health problems like major knee,back pain, cancer, unsuccessful operations, being sick all time, mental health problems like depression,etc. 

And because of such major health problems they had to quit their job and stay home.

Many people never get back to what they were in past and their families look after them, and there are many people who don`t have a family and they end up dying badly because of their bad health and getting no support from anywhere.

I am sure you all know that without good health you will not be able to earn money or find love and be loved or be happy, But if you have a good health, you can earn by doing anything and survive.
And if you are a healthy good looking person, you will be loved by others. ( Well. it is true)

Love and money

It is true that you can`t survive without money also, because you need food, shelter, clothes to survive, and without these three things you will be living a miserable life.

 But money comes when you work, and you can only work when you are healthy, when you have a good health.

Even the most richest people and celebrities need good health and be healthy to work and make keep making money so they can survive on this earth.

We all need love and we all love to be loved and love someone else, life feels complete and you feel happy when you are in love or when you have someone who loves you but there are people who are alone and single. 

But still they are happy and living a successful and a good life. Because they have good health, they are healthy and fit, they know that if they will ignore their health, they will suffer health wise and they will have to live a miserable life.

That is why they give importance to their health, they do exercise and eat healthy food so  they can make money and fulfill their dreams.

We all know that if our hands, legs, eyes are working, we are lucky and we can work hard to earn money and fulfill our needs.

By the way no matter how sick you are, no one likes to be with sick and unhealthy people.

So take care of your mental and physical first, and after that you can work hard and find ways to earn money, keep yourself healthy by eating good, staying happy and one day you will be loved like you have never imagined.

Good Luck :)

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