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Your Mental Health

Mental Health

What Is Mental Health ?

The way we think, feel and behave as we cope with life everyday, is known as mental health.
Mental health is very important for both children and adults.

With time, while we grow our life starts changing, life can never be same. Sometimes we experience good things and sometimes we experience bad things in life, and such experience in life can affect our mood and mental health in a very positive or negative way.

Good Mental Health

Good mental health in simple words means the ability to fight against the development of many problems, that we face in life. Being able to handle everything and anything in life. For example ;

  • The ability to make and maintain good relationships with other people.
  • The ability to handle any kind of change in life.
  • The ability to not get depressed when things go wrong.
  • Finding solutions to your problems, and solve them instead of sitting and crying everyday.
  • Staying positive and calm even when nothing feels alright in life.
  • Whether it is bad health, job stress, family problem or any kind of problem, some people always try to stay calm and fight with every situation of life, they avoid to stay still and suffer, or accept whatever problems life brings to them, they instead find ways to get rid of their problems which affects their mood and mental health.
Bad or (Poor) Mental Health

Finding it hard to manage the way we feel, behave and think. Not able to deal with big stress or even small stress, always thinking about negative things, like something might go wrong, finding it hard to stay positive or happy. Unable to think and fight with life`s daily big or small problems, getting depressed, staying sad all the time is known as poor or bad mental health. For example ;

  • Afraid to do new things in life.
  • Avoiding interaction with new people or family and friends.
  • Always staying negative,thinking wrong.
  • Staying sad or worried
  • Worrying about future
  • Eating too much or not eating at all.
  • Avoid going outside.
  • Isolating yourself.

The good news is that you can deal with your mental health issues.

Try to focus on the positive, yes it is you who needs to change the way you think about life, if people can stay sad for small things, they can be happy and positive too for the good things they face in their life.

If you can worry about tomorrow and think wrong things like what if something goes wrong, what will i do ? Then why? why can`t you be positive for a while and think that tomorrow will be a good day and only good things will happen to you.

We all have to fight for ourselves, no one else is going to do it for us. This is life. All you need is to stop being afraid of what might go wrong and get out of your comfort zone and fight for the things you want, the good life you want.

Just once in life, be positive, accept that life can never be same, it keeps changing and you will face both good and bad things, you just have to stay strong and fight for what you need.

Being sad, not able to think straight in many situations of life is OK, but staying sad always and thinking that you are a loser and stop fighting with life and crying, getting depressed and losing hope is not the way you live life.

Watch motivational videos, spend time with people who are positive and stay calm in their bad times, they are not especial people or God, they are just like you, it is just the way you think and act when you face problems in life, Go buy a pet and play with your pet, trust me you will feel a lot better. Read motivational books, Read about those people who were just like you

 ( normal but afraid to fight with their daily problems) but they decided and managed to stand up and fight,

Take risk, do what you are thinking of doing, don`t be afraid, say what you feel to say, i am saying JUST ONCE, do it just once, give it a try, get up and do what you want, take a step and fight for your dreams, Stop listening to sad songs, staying in bed all day, go get outside and do something new, and you will be very happy with the result in the end, You will be proud of yourself.

Good Luck.


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Healthy Life Starts With a Happy You

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