Only 2 Ways To Stay Positive :)

Staying positive in life is very important and very necessary to lead a stable and a happy life.

In fact staying positive in every situation of life is also very important but it is not so easy to stay positive and keep your attitude positive in every situation of life.

Here i will tell 2 easy ways to stay positive in life, and stay calm in tough situations.

1. Speak Positive Words

It is actually true that whatever we believe, think and say sometimes it starts to happen in real. Our minds literally go in the direction of our words.

If you think and say negative, you attract negative energy, & if you think and say positive things, you attract positive energy around you. And your thoughts and imagination sometimes become real.

Whatever you think, it starts happening in real.
I know you can`t always be positive and say `Hey i am having a fantastic day`, But if you can be worried and be negative, why don`t you try to say positive things, think good and see if miracles are willing to happen for you :)

2. What Is Meant To Happen, Will Happen

What is meant to happen will happen. I know it is easy to say but hard to do, anyway, nothing comes easy and nothing is easy in life.

Believe me or don`t believe me but everything is already planned and decided by that supernatural energy, which is above all. Every page of your life is already written, you just read your page everyday and work accordingly.

We plan things, we do a lot of hard work, we dream, we do everything to achieve our dreams, be healthy and happy.
We even get what we want but sometimes, in fact many times we see that things don`t go our way.

You had planned to go somewhere tomorrow but suddenly you felt that you are not well and you decide to stay home and take rest, instead of going out.

Well it was just an example, don`t worry :) but yes things like this happen a lot, it happens with me too.

All i am trying to say is, guys, it is okay to be sad, worried,sick. But for a short time, if you keep worrying about those things which you can`t control, you will always be depressed.
Just go with the flow. Change what you can, forget what you can`t.

Put a smile on your pretty face, let it go, let it happen, this is life. Be happy for what you have, be positive, imagine good things and good things will knock your door and hug you with a lot of happiness.

Good Luck :)

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