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India`s First Coronavirus Vaccine Covaxin To Be Ready On 15th August, 2020

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Should You Wear A Mask While Exercising ? The Answer is NO

Due to coronavirus, Wearing a mask is very important these days. 

But we don`t wear a mask at home, because we know that at home we are safe even without wearing a mask.

People should also know that wearing a mask while exercising can be dangerous.

Yes, you read it right.

According to the The World Health Organisation (WHO),  people should never wear a mask while exercising.

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People sweat a lot and breathe heavily while exercising and wearing a mask may reduce the ability to breath comfortably.

Wearing a mask while exercising will also make your mask wet and it will get harder and harder for you to breathe.

Wearing a mask during exercise will act as a barrier to airflow, which can lower the oxygen levels in the re-circulated air. In short, wearing a mask while exercising is not safe.

According to some Doctors, exercising while wearing a face mask can also result in hyperventilation.

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Top 13 Signs Of Depression You Should Never Ignore

These Are The Top 13 Signs Of Depression You Should Never Ignore

Depression can ruin any beautiful, innocent life. Depression can ruin a person completely.

Depression is bad for both mental and physical health.

As we all know, Bollywood Actor Sushant Singh Rajput committed suicide on June 14th.

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No matter what was the reason behind this but one thing is clear that he was highly depressed. 

Something was troubling him like crazy and he had to take this step.

When a person is highly depressed or worried about something, in that case it becomes almost impossible to think that they will ever be happy again.

It becomes impossible to think that they will get rid of their problems.

It becomes hard to breathe, to hope, to think and people start thinking about commiting suicide.

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What Are The Top Signs Of Depession ?

Here are the top 13 signs of depression you should never ignore

1. Talking about death, Thoughts…

Vodafone deducted Rs 99 Today From My Balance For International Roaming Service Without Activating It

Vodafone deducted Rs 99 Today From My Balance For International Roaming Service Without Activating It: Today On June 2nd, 2020.

Last night at 1:35am i received a message from vodafone saying-

"Dear customer, this is to inform you that a rental amount of Rs. 99 has been deducted towards International Roaming rental for 30 days".
I was totally shocked after reading this message because i never activated International Roaming rental service, but still vodafone deducted 99 rs from my balance.

I did everything to deactivate this International Roaming rental service because vodafone deducted 99 rs from my balance for this service.

I tried everything to solve this problem but nothing worked for me.

I am still afraid of losing more balance next month, that too without activating anything.

I have no idea why vodafone is doing this and i have no idea if i will ever get back my Rs. 99.

Got it Back, Just Now) Read Below ⇓

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Immunity Boosting Foods You Should Give To Your Children

Immunity Boosting Foods For Your Children
Every parent wants their children to be healthy, happy and fit. Their first concern for this is always around their child`s immunity.

Seasonal changes pollution and filth affect children more and more than adults.

And it is very important to keep your childen healthy and strong by boosting up their immunity system.

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Your children need nutrition and health foods to have a good health. To fight infections, cold, flu, etc.

You need to fill your child`s diet with immune enchancing foods.

Immunity Boosting Foods For Your Children 
1) White Nori Immunity Boost - Trail Mix
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What is it ?

Here is your answer - Give your child immunity boosting snack that is sweet and delicious.

Such as - melon seeds, almonds, dried strawberries, sesame seeds.

Chikki is full of goodness of walnuts, blueberries, choco chips, flax seeds an…

Show Your Face: A New, Unique Mask Is Now Available In The Market

Show Your Face: A New, Unique Mask Is Now Available In The Market
Coronavirus is still spreading like crazy and wearing a face mask is necessary while leaving home.
But we all know that your face is totally hidden behind the mask, whenever you wear it. 
And it becomes hard for others to recognize who is behind this mask.
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There are many people who wants to show their face while wearing a mask. They want their face to be visible.
Different types of masks are available in the market. Some are too funky and some of them are very simple.
And now this new mask is available in the market which helps you to show your face while you are wearing it.
People`s faces are printed on these masks. Which means that you can also wear this mask and Make your face visible.
CLiCK ME- Get A to Z Health Tips and Some Interesting Things

Actually a studio chain in Kochi and Kottayam districts of Kerala has created this unique mask.

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Just Do These Things And Coronavirus Won`t Even Think About Touching You

Coronavirus has killed millions of people all around the world. 

And the worst part is that coronavirus cases are increasing like crazy day by day.

It is true that anything can happen to anyone but you must have heard about "prevention is better than cure".

Its time to be serious and be careful.

The worst part about coronavirus is that it spreads like crazy.

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Which simply means that even if you are staying home, taking precautions and doing everything to avoid coronavirus but if you come in contact with a person who is already infected.

Well, in that case, you can just imagine the consiquenses.

Today i will tell you how you can avoid coronavirus and be safe and keep your loved ones safe and healthy.Do these simple things to avoid Just Do These Things And Coronavirus Won`t Even Think About Touching You

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It doesn`t matter if you are …