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Fourth and Fifth Month Of Pregnancy

pregnancy week 13 to 16

What Happens In The Fourth Month Of Pregnancy ?

What Happens During Week 13 to 14 ?

Pregnancy Week 13 To 14

  • During week 13 to 14 : The fetus has a Crown Rump Length (CRL) of 3 inches and 8 cm.
  • Hair of your baby begins to grow.
  • The biological sex of the fetus can be seen by looking at external sex organs on an ultrasound.
  • The roof of the mouth of your baby is formed.
  • The prostate gland begins to develop in biologically male fetuses.
  • In biologically female fetuses, ovaries move down from the abdomen to pelvic area.

  • During week 15 to 16 the fetus has  a Crown Rump Length (CRL) of 4.5 inches and 12 cm.
  • More than hundreds of eggs form in the ovaries of biologically female fetuses.

During the fourth month of pregnancy, problems like heartburn, nausea and constipation may be troublesome, breast changes, soreness, growth and darkening of the areola continues. 

You may face shortness of breath or fast breathing during the fourth month of pregnancy. You may feel dizzy or faint because of changes in your blood vessels.

What Happens In The Fifth Month Of Pregnancy ?

What Happens During Week 17 to 18?

Pregnancy Week 17 To 18

  • During week 17 to 18  the fetus has  a Crown Rump Length (CRL) of 5.5-6 inches and 14-15 cm.

What Happens During Week 19 to 20?

Pregnancy Week 19 To 20

The  fetus has  a Crown Rump Length (CRL) of  6.5 inches and 16 cm.

  • A fine hair covers the body of your baby .
  • The skin of your baby is covered with a greasy material that protects the body called Vernix Caseosa.
  • A uterus forms in a biologically female fetus.
Pregnant ladies feel some movement for the first time during the fifth month of pregnancy. They also feel heartburn, constipation, nausea, dizziness, shortness of breath, breast changes.

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