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Emotional Heath

Emotional Heath and How To Handle Your Emotions

What Is Emotional Health ?

Just like physical and mental health, emotional health also plays a big role in our life. Emotional health refers to the way we think, feel, act, behave and deal with daily life problems. Emotional health means the ability to cope with difficult things in life.

When something bad or wrong happens with us in our daily life, it gets hard for most of the people to cope with the problem and get back on the right track. Emotional health also refers to the ability to deal with your feelings and the way you feel about yourself. 

 There are people who are emotionally healthy and there are many people who are the opposite of emotionally healthy people. Some people are very strong emotionally, even when things go wrong, they don`t panic, they handle things very nicely and with a calm mind. On the other hand, there are people who start getting upset, worried and negative when bad things happen with them, it gets hard for them to cope with their problems.

How To Handle Your Emotions

If you are emotionally strong you know very well how to deal with your daily life problems, You know how to cope up with the difficulties that you face in your life. You know how to stay calm and positive in a negative situation, Whether you call it a God gift, nature or just the ability of the person to deal and face the problems or situations in life, emotionally strong people know what to do and how to act when they face difficult situations.

But what about those people who are not so strong emotionally, there are many people who easily get upset even with the small things. Even if someone talks rudely with them, they get emotionally hurt, they even get depressed. People who are emotionally weak, their emotions can control them easily which is not a good sign.

What should you do ? How To handle your emotions In in such a way that you don`t get emotionally hurt? 

Here`s a solution for you

Firstly you have to accept that there are people who are very emotional and they easily get hurt when bad or wrong things happen with them, and you could be one of them. It is normal and okay to be emotional but it can be harmful for your emotional health if you take every little thing on your heart.

Avoid situations and circumstance that trigger unwanted emotions. If you are at home, school or at work, or with your friends, and you know that people in your family or people around you can start to talk about those things which you don`t want to hear,

 for example ; talking about your marriage, family, love life etc. In that case you should immediately leave that place or indulge yourself doing something else, walk out, use your phone, leave that place, go out somewhere or just go inside your room, go as far as you can before you start getting emotionally hurt by hearing those things that you don`t want to hear.

Do things that you like. If you want to keep yourself emotionally happy and calm because you know that you are emotionally not very strong, then learn to keep yourself happy by doing little or big things that can can bring you peace of mind. If you like to sing, Just sing your favorite songs and put them on social media or simply record them and share with your family and friends.

If you love art, start painting every day and keep yourself busy and away from the negative things that are happening around you. Do what makes you happy and try to keep yourself busy doing anything you like. When you are busy, you don`t get time to think about stupid things, you focus on your goals rather than thinking about negative things and feeling bad about small things that are going wrong.

If you still think that nothing can help you to cope up or manage your feelings in a positive way. If you feel that you are still emotionally very weak and your emotional health is not good at all, your emotions are controlling you and nothing seems right. In that case i would suggest you to just go with the flow. go easy, if you can`t change things that you don`t like, it is okay, take it easy, relax and take a deep breath.

sit alone and just keep one thing in mind that we often create problems in life just by thinking too much, getting emotionally hurt when things are going wrong but when this hard and bad time passes away, you start to think that you have wasted your emotions and feelings on those things which couldn`t even harm you.

 You have wasted a lot of time on those people and things which didn`t even matter. And even if in present you are getting emotionally weak because of the people around you or because of your daily life or health problems, just think once what are you getting by being so weak emotionally?

  Nothing. You get nothing but create more problems for yourself, thinking too much won`t change your situation. Why don`t you fight with your negative emotions just by not giving a damn ?

You just have to stop overthinking or reacting in a wrong way in such bad situations. Someone said something wrong to you? so what? Stop thinking about what they said to you, it doesn`t matter, keep going. Keep doing what you are doing.

Listen to them but don`t just keep thinking about the same thing all day, move on you have better things to do. Things are going wrong? This is life, Just try to find a solution to your problem instead of hurting yourself emotionally.

Work for yourself and others, help needy people, earn money and buy yourself some happiness by buying your favorite things. Take care of your health, Eat your favorite food. 

And always remember that there are still millions of people who are depressed, sad mentally, physically and emotionally weak but they don`t give up on life, they avoid the circumstances which makes them emotionally upset or they simply learn to fight for their right or keep themselves busy, change their lifestyle, 

they learn to stop thinking negative and learn to be emotionally strong buy achieving their goals so that they become happy with their life and become emotionally strong.

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