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Easy Ways To Treat Your Common Health Problems

Natural Quick and Easy Home Remedies To Treat Common Health Problems

We all go through some kind of common health problems in our every day life. For example : cold and flu, sore throat. stomachache etc, which can affect our health badly. Here i will be telling you how to solve such common health problems at home very easily.

1. Cold and Flu : Stay warm and take a lot of rest, your body direct its energy toward the immune battle and this battle taxes the body. cold and flu is not a small problem, it can affect our whole body and health. So take some rest when you are suffering from cold and flu.

Gargle with a warm salt water at least thrice a day. It will give relief to your throat and gargling will also help you in getting rid of the cold.

Drink hot liquids like Tea, coffee or soup. Hot liquids relieve nasal congestion and prevents dehydration. You can also apply vicks vaporub on your nose, neck, chest and your back to feel better.

2. Bad Breath : The only natural and right way to keep your mouth clean and have a good breath is to keep your mouth fresh and clean. Brush twice a day, every single day, do not skip this part. Keep your tongue clean. you can use a tongue cleaner to keep it clean. Use mouth wash.

You can also brush your teeth with turmeric to keep your teeth white and shiny. Follow this tip every single day.

3. Indigestion :  If you are suffering from a temporary indigestion, caused by eating a heavy food, you can buy a pouch of ENO from the market and drink it with a normal water. It will give you a big relief. Or you can take a glass of water and add a pinch of baking soda and a pinch of salt into it and drink it.

4. Dry Skin : Honey softens and moisturizes dry skin. You can apply it directly to the affected area or buy a body lotion and apply it everyday on you dry skin, it will make your skin smooth and shiny.

5. Constipation : If you are suffering from constipation, don`t worry. You can apply a bit of  vaseline or pertoleum jelly around the anus, it will help you in a bowel movement and you will be able to pass the stool easily. But you will have to repeat this 5 to 7 times a day for a few days.

6. Vertigo : Basil is a traditional aromatherapy treatment for vertigo. Add its leaves to the boiling water and breathe in the steam to get rid of it.

7.  Nausea : Add some chopped fresh ginger with lemon into hot water and drink it to get rid of nausea.

8.  Anemic : If you are anemic you can drink pomegranate juice, eat red meat and green veggies. Drinking pomegranate juice everyday will increase your hemoglobin.

9.  Cracked Heels : Keep your heels clean by washing them everyday and then massage it with a body lotion, oil or any moisturiser to keep it soft and smooth.

10.  Dry, Dull Hair : Silica and zinc are key for beautiful shiny hair, and are found in many foods like green leafy vegetables, cucumber, zucchini, mango and beans. And you can find zinc in eggs, pecans, Brazil nuts and oysters.

11. Runny Nose : Put a liitle bit of salt in a glass of warm water and drink it to get rid of a runny nose.

12. Insomnia : Eat cherries and drink cherry juice a day. It will help you to get rid of insomnia. Give it a try.

Best Home Remedies For Good Health :

1. Sucking a piece of clove after a meal helps in reducing acidity problem.

A piece of garlic swallowed with water taken empty stomach daily in the morning can help you in getting rid of many stomach and gastric problems.

Drinking one glass of watermelon juice can help you in getting rid of headache caused by summer heat.

Eating an apple on an empty stomach every morning can help you to get rid of Migraine pain.

If you apply grated cucumber on your face and your neck for 10 to 15 minutes a day, you will get rid of acne and blackheads.

If you are suffering from an ear infection, put a drop of garlic juice into your ear to get rid of the infection.

A mixture of baking soda and lemon juice applied underarms will reduce your body odor.

Good Luck :)

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