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Pregnancy Test Kit

Pregnancy test kit

What Is A Pregnancy Kit ? Pregnancy Test Kit Price

A pregnancy test kit can confirm if a woman is pregnant or not. The test can be carried out at home or at the doctor`s office. A pregnancy kit usually comprises of a standard pregnancy dipstick test which may come container or a simple dropper.

When Should You Do A Pregnancy Test ?

When you feel or think that you are pregnant, also missing your period, experiencing cramps, nausea or vomiting or experiencing tender breasts could be a sign of pregnancy. Normally, women use pregnancy kit at home to check whether they are pregnant or not.

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How To Do a Pregnancy Test ?

The best and right way to do a pregnancy test is by reading the instructions in the kit itself.

You can also  buy a pregnancy kit and use it at your home to find out whether you are pregnant or not. Most of the home pregnancy tests includes a device known as dipstick.

Follow the following steps to check whether you are pregnant or not :

Pregnancy Urine Test

  • The morning urine has more  Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) , so it is better to do the pregnancy test in the morning.
  • Hold the dipstick in your urine stream for 5 to 10 minutes and then take it out. After few minutes the dipstick will show you your results. Your dipstick will have a small window or any other area that shows a plus + or a minus sign, a single or a double line. Your can read and follow  the instructions on your pregnancy kit.

Pregnancy test kit price

Pregnancy Test  Kit Results

It is a very easy procedure, as i said before you just have to follow the instructions in the kit itself.

In your pregnancy test kit. if the dipstick shows two lines. it is a clear sign that you are pregnant.
A positive result on a pregnancy test kit is reliable. But if you have irregular periods, a pregnancy test kit may not show a positive result for 2 to 3 weeks after the missed period.

If your first test comes negative, you can do it again. But if you are sure that you are not pregnant and that is why the result is coming negative, you don`t have to go to your doctor.

Just follow the instructions in the kit itself.

Pregnancy Test Kit Price

The pregnancy test kit price can be different in different countries.

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Pregnancy test kit price in India

The average cost per kit is around Rs 50. You can buy a pregnancy test kit from your near medical shop/ pharmacy. Pregnancy test kit price can be different, you can get a small one even in Rs 5. The company and the brand matters.

Pregnancy test kit price in USA

A first response Gold Pregnancy Test Kit price is around $20 for a pack of  Tests. You can also buy a pack of 50 strips for $19. A Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Test with smart countdown costs around $23 for a pack of 5 strips.

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