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Stay Healthy

 5 Easy Tips To Stay Healthy

Health is everything. health comes first before anything else, health is your real wealth. If your health is good, you can work and you can do anything you like. We all need wealth. money to survive on this earth, and you can only earn wealth when your health is good. If you are a student, a worker or a house wife, you need a good health to perform your tasks.

 When you get sick mentally or physically, it is almost impossible to do anything or get your things done.

People avoid talking about health or taking care of their health, until sickness comes. So always remember that health should be your first priority in life. Take good care of yourself, if you are healthy, you can achieve your goals and live a beautiful life.

I am going to tell you 10 easy tips or ways to stay healthy and fit. You should follow theses easy tips to stay healthy and live a disease free life.

1. Eat Right

Eating healthy food and eating right improves your immune system. Eat veggies. fruits, meat. drink fruit juice. When you eat healthy food, especially food that is made at home, you stay healthy. Home cooked food is the best food you can eat in this world. It is clean, healthy, and also tasty.

Fast food like pizza, burgers, sandwich, soft drinks are not good for health. Consuming fast food once in a while is acceptable but if you eat fast food everyday, you might feel it is tasty and don`t have to cook at home but in few days you will get sick and you will have to see your doctor.

So always remember that home cooked food is the best food, it is tasty and healthy, You can eat it daily and you won`t get sick even. So eat right to live a healthy life.

2. Get Enough Sleep

If you are a student or someone who works 8 to 9 hours a day. Or even if you are old, you should sleep 7 to 8 hours every night. Good and enough sleep is very important for your body and brain, in fact, getting enough sleep is important and necessary for your overall health.

Also sleeping at the right time is very important. Ever slept for 3 to 4 hours in a day? How do you feel when you get this much of sleep? Of course you feel tired, weak and sick when you don`t get enough sleep, you can get moody and angry too if you don`t get enough sleep.

No matter what kind of a lifestyle you have, you should try to sleep at least 7 hours every day. When you get enough and proper sleep, your body and mind feels relaxed, you don`t feel tired or weak and you can do your things easily with full concentration. Lack of sleep can affect you brain and body.

3. Wash Hands Before Eating

Keep yourself and your hands clean before you eat anything. No matter if you are a body builder, you have six pack abs or you look fit, handsome, beautiful. If you have dirty nails or you don`t wash your hands before eating your food, you can get sick, we almost have a loads of germs in our hands and when we eat with our hands, with our dirty hands,
 we can get an infection caused by these germs or our dirty hands.

 I have seen many foodies, or good looking people, rich people, who look very good and clean but they have dirty nails and they eat everything with their dirty nails and hands.Which can make them sick.
So wash your hands before meals and even before touching your face and eyes, You invite sickness if you don`t wash hands before eating food, or touching your face.

4. Exercise

If you hate exercising or don`t get enough time to do exercise, even then you know that exercise is very good and important to live a healthy life. Take out some time for yourself and do exercise 5 days at least in a week, for 15 to 20 minutes , doing this much is better then doing nothing at all. Stretching, push ups, crunches, arm lifting, legs exercise, do whatever you can. do it slowly according to your capability. Never force yourself to do anything that you can`t because it can cause you health problems.

Just do some stretching, some proper exercise but do it slowly and do it right.

5. Stay Happy

Try to stay happy every day, smile and make others smile, no matter what you are going through, hard times or good times, try, try to stay happy and if you can`t stay happy in some situations, then you should never be sad or worried also, because worrying and being sad will never do anything good to you, in fact, sadness and overthinking about things can make you sick.

Always remember, whatever has to happen will happen, and being sad about things and getting depressed won`t do you any good. Watch motivational videos, accept that life is full of problems and learn to take actions, learn to fight for what you want. Smile just smile and surround yourself with happy people and happy things so you can keep yourself calm in every situation.

Try not to think too much about anything and put a smile on your face. Be happy, be healthy, If you can be sad and start overthinking about your life and you know doing this never helps, then why don`t you just smile and try to keep yourself  happy and find solution to your problems.

:) Make a routine, stop being lazy if you are, Change your lifestyle if needed, don`t just depend on medicines and others, Eat right, exercise right, work for yourself, do whatever is needed to keep yourself healthy, stress free and happy.

 Walk, Go outside, make new hobbies, play with animals or birds or babies, Do something new, drink lots of water, avoid unhealthy food, Laugh. Instead of thinking what might go wrong, think what if everything goes right, be positive about life. And see You will have a healthy and a beautiful life. All you need to do is take care of your physical and mental health and stay positive and happy.

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