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Health First

Why Health Comes First :

 What is Health ?

The real meaning of health is, a person`s Physical and Mental condition. A person`s physical or mental health can be good or bad, and it can affect his/her life in every way and every day.

Physical Health

A good physical health refers to a healthy lifestyle, The way you take care of your body to decrease the chances of diseases and sickness. 

And live a healthy and a sickness free life. If your physical health life is not good and if you are sick or suffering from any physical health related disease, you can`t be happy with your life. And it is going to be very hard for you to lead a successful or a happy life.

Physically unfit and handicap people are those who can`t be happy or be satisfied. Even if they pretend to be satisfied with life, somewhere inside they want to lead a healthy life and be fit.

 Because if your physical health is good, you can do what you want, achieve whatever you want, and you never have to depend on anyone for anything. We need money to survive, and we can only earn wealth if we are physically healthy.

Mental Health

Mental health includes Emotional, Psychological well being, The way we feel, think, act, and behave. How we make choices, decisions, deal with people, talk and behave with others, The way we handle stress, happiness, sorrow in our everyday life. All these things are related to a person`s mental health. Mental health is important to everyone and at all stages of life, from childhood to adulthood. 

If we are mentally unhappy, stressed, worried and keep thinking about our problems, we can never be in peace, which comes from good mental health. Being mentally fit and happy is as important as being physically fit.

If a person is physically fit, whether he is a child, young or old. He almost can do everything in life and fulfill his dreams by doing whatever he likes.

But if we are mentally unhappy and stressed but only physically fit. We can do nothing in life. Even things related to work, studies or what will happen tomorrow, makes us worry , and we ruin our mood, be unhappy, try to stay alone and avoid talking to people and we don`t stay active.

But if we are mentally strong and happy, we can move mountains and make our dreams come true. Our mind controls our body.

Overthinking, getting worried about small things ruins our mental health, so if you want to be mentally happy, avoid overthinking first. Think positive, think good and good things will definitely happen.

Why Health is important ? and Why Health comes first ?

We don`t value health until we get sick. Not just health but good health is important to everyone, Because without good health we can`t live long and happily. Some people can live long maybe but not happily if they have bad health. Life is meant to be happy, to keep yourself healthy, to live long.

Health is more important than anything in the world, if you are in good health, you stay mentally and physically active, And mentally and physically active people work and make their dreams come true more easily than those who are mentally and physically sick and inactive.

 It doesn`t matter if you are a celebrity or non celebrity, famous or not, You just need to be fit to live life. People these days are running after fame, name and money only.

  They don`t value health until they suffer from bad health and spend lots of money on their diseases to get well.

Who doesn`t want to live a luxurious and happy life? We all want. But how do you get it? how do you get money to fulfill your wishes, survive on this earth and be happy. Only if you are in good health, you can get all these things. At least you can get out of your home, find a job, study do what you like , Travel, enjoy life, if you know you are healthy and fit to do what you like.

Health comes first before anything. Family, Relationships, Studies, Work, all these things are important in life, and we only can keep our family happy, have good relation with others only if we are physically and mentally strong and fit.

Let me give you an example, If we catch cold and sneeze all day, not able to breathe properly, we feel irritated, we don`t feel to study or work or do things we like. We take pills or wait for our sickness to leave us, so we can get up and do our things.

Fever, body aches, any type of disease or major health problems takes our mental peace away and we get bed ridden. We feel frustrated, get moody and angry, nothing feels alright when we suffer from bad health. But when we know that we have healed from our disease, and we have a healthy body and mind, we feel the real joy of  life and live happily.

That is why health comes first and it is more important than anything else.

How To Live a Healthy Life 

Whether you want to lose weight, gain weight, build muscles, get rid of your diseases, or want to start living a healthy life. You should know how to get all these things done.

With daily physical activity, healthy food and mental peace you can live a healthy life. It is not so hard to take care of your body everyday to lead a happy healthy life. 

The problem is that we imagine and make plans to start a healthy life routine but we become lazy, sit back and stop following our dreams. 

Are you too busy or tired to start living a healthy life by taking care of yourself? Or is it  just an excuse? If we can get up early every morning, to go to work or school, so we can earn money to live and get educated to live a good life, than why? why can`t we give a little bit of time to ourselves to live a healthy, happy life? If we won`t have a good health, we won`t be able to do anything in life.

Tips To Live A Healthy Lifestyle

Think Positive and Think Good

Yes, to start living a healthy life, first you need to start keeping yourself happy by stop overthinking or thinking negatively. We create problems for ourselves that aren`t even there, just by thinking too much, worrying about tomorrow or thinking about what will happen next.

If we can think negatively without any reason, than we can also think positively and imagine good things, which can actually happen in real with us. Have you ever imagined wrong things and worried too much about something, and those things really started to happen?

If you have experienced this, than please for once in your life try to have a positive attitude towards life, think good, and yes, good things will start to happen.You become what you think. So think good and live a happy life.

Get Active Each Day

To be active physically is very important, you stay fit and feel good, get confidence if you get active every day,


Walk at least 5000 to 10,000 steps every day,
Play outdoor games like  badminton, cricket, tennis or anything. Just get out of your comfort zone and do something.

Drink Water
  1.  Drinking water helps you lose weight.
  2. You get glowing and healthy skin.
  3. Water fights infection.
  4. Your heart gets healthy.
  5. Drinking water prevents you from having problems like joint pains and Arthritis.
  6. Drink 8 ounce glasses of water a day.
Eat Fruits and Vegetable
  1. Apples, Apples are good to eat and they fights against any type of infection.
  2. Bananas are great for everyone because they give you energy.
  3. Watermelon helps control your heart rate.
  4. Kiwis are tasty and increases bone mass.
  5. Eat fruits as much as you can, because they keep you healthy.
  6. Vegetables, Veggies strengthen bones. they are rich in antioxidant properties, it is beneficial for skin and hair, vegetables helps us to maintain a healthy, proper weight, and in improving health.
  7. Eat less Salt.
  8. Eat fish.
  9. Lose weight if you are overweight.
Exercise daily. You don`t have to kill your body by doing wrong exercises and lifting heavy weights even when you can`t. Do easy exercises, not heavy exercise, do it one or twice a day, according to your capability of doing exercise.Push ups, Squats, Bridges, Knee to chest, cycling, scissors etc.


Good sleep means good health. getting enough sleep every night is very important, you should sleep at least 7 to 8 hours every night, to have a good health, stay active, happy and stay full of energy.
Lack of proper sleep causes ill health and makes you feel moody.

And most of all, Smile and think good to live a healthy and a beautiful life :)

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Healthy Life Starts With a Happy You

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