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Stress, and Types of stress:

What Is Stress?

The way you react to everyday challenges in life. Stress is your mind and body`s response to a real or imagined circumstances of life or threat. Stress means physical, emotional, or mental tension or strain. It can be caused by either good or bad experiences.

Types Of Stress:

Good Stress and Bad Stress:

Good Stress:

Let`s talk about good stress first. Most of the people believe that stress is bad, It is a negative and harmful thing. But do you know that stress can also be good for you ? Let me explain how stress can be a good thing.
When we get too excited or feel very happy about something, our pulse quickens, Our heart beats fast out of excitement and joy, but without and worry or fear. When you fall in love for the first time,  When you go on a road trip by your first, new car or bike, when you get a new mobile or get a job of your dreams, or when you get a surprise from your loved ones. 

You feel happy, and excited about life. Good stress motivates you to do new and good things in life, if you are stressed or under pressure, you start completing your pending or important work very fast.

 You are in stress because you want to lose weight or gain weight, and you start to take a step forward to get the body you want, you work hard, you stay focused and motivated to fulfill your dreams, this is the time when you are able to feel and see your real power and talent within you. 

You feel you are in stress but this stress is good and it is not harmful, you get your things done you manage to survive things you never imagined you could, and feel happy without any damage or harm.

Bad Stress:

Bad or negative stress is very dangerous for health, it can damage your body and brain.
Too much emotional stress or worries that stays around for days, weeks or months, can cause mental or physical health problems like depression.

High blood pressure, heart disease, anxiety, vomiting, weakness in body, trouble in sleeping at night, headache and many other problems.

Bad stress don`t let you think right. You get extreme sad about things you are unable to control, you get moody, avoid talking to you family and friends, you stop going outside, isolate yourself.
Some people with negative stress or bad stressful life even start to hurt themselves physically.

Which is very harmful and dangerous for health, and leads to very bad consequences.
The body`s immune system can be affected by bad stress, leading to a greater diseases. 

Therefore, it is very important that you keep yourself happy & calm and stay stress free.

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Healthy Life Starts With a Happy You

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