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Social Media Bullying and Easy Ways To Overcome It

Social Media Bullying

Social Media Bullying and Easy Ways To Overcome It

If you are fed of social media bullying, bad comments of strangers on your instagram, twitter, facebook profile or on your youtube channel or tiktok account. Then this article is for you.

Social media is a important part of our lives. From a little child to an older man/woman, everyone is using internet to watch videos or to interact with other people.

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Social media has its own advantages and disadvantages. You can learn a lot of good things from social but at the same time it can be very harmful for you.

Social media bullying

Social media bullying, cyber bullying is very common but it is and it can be very harmful for your physical and mental health.

Social media bullying can be life threatening too. But there are some ways to avoid this bullying and stay happy and calm online.

Let`s see how you can avoid social media bullying and avoid those bad and depression giving comments on your youtube channel or tikitok, instagram, twitter or facebook profile.

First of all, if you have a youtube, tiktok, instagram, twitter, facebook or any other account and you are active on it everyday. You should be mentally prepared that you will face Hatred and Love, Both.


Even the most popular and great actors in this world go through social media bullying and face bad comments and hatred of unknown strangers on their social media profile pages.

Some of them prefer to stay quiet and some of those celebrities reply back to the haters. Believe it or not but it hurts when unknown haters, people give bad comments or make fun of you online.

But you can`t fight with everyone and give them explanation.

As i said you have to prepared for hatred and love both if you want to make your career in this field or even if you want to use social media for time pass.

You will always meet people who will try to bring you down, make fun of your looks, even if you look good. write bad things on your social account.

But the best way to deal with social media bullying is to avoid all those haters and those bad comments on your social account and keep doing what you are doing.

Social Media Bullying

Never ever get into an argument online with anyone. You have to learn to ignore such people for your own good.

You can even avoid reading or watching things that can hurt you and Just focus on your work and let them hate.

And always remember that if there are people who talk bad about you even if you know your doing the best thing in the world, then there are a lot of people who will motivate you, love you, write good things about you and appreciate your talent and your hard work.

If you can get sad reading or watching hate against you then why can`t you be happy and focus on those people who talk good about you? 

I am not saying that you should ignore them completely but replying your haters everyday won`t do any good to you so, Reply them back only where it is needed and when it is needed.

You can take an action about social media bullying if it is unnatural, if someone or a group of people are torturing you online personally, in that case you will have to take an action against those haters.

 But if you are sad or facing a hard time because of daily Anormal bad comments or negative things on your social profile, in that case i would like to suggest you watch those famous tiktokers, celebrities who are famous and growing everyday in their field and working hard to achieve their goals.Rather than focusing on stupid haters.

I bet you will never see them replying or getting affected by their haters online.

Because they don`t have time to reply and fight with each and everyone of them and they also know that if they will reply them, it will lead to a huge useless argument.

Social Media Bullying and Easy Ways To Overcome It

important TIPS :
  • Focus on your work.
  • Avoid reading or replying your haters on your social media channel or account.
  • Focus on those good comments and videos that make you happy.
  • Keep doing what you are doing, haters will turn into your fans very soon if you keep working hard.
  • Bless your haters, Kill them with kindness.
  • Watch famous people and learn how  they ignore such hatred and keep doing what they are doing.
  • Do not stop. Keep working hard, keep going until you reach your goal.
  • Spread love and happiness.
  • Love your haters. Say "God bless You" to them everyday and make them wonder how good you are. they will stop their hatred very soon or they will stop commenting bad about you. Or making fun of you.
  • Let people make fun o you, karma will make fun of them with time.
  • Leave a message foe your fans, followers, subscribers, Make them smile.
  • Thank those people who love and support you everyday.
  • Laugh on those people who make fun of you and smile more and more and more in front of them, it will burn them like you have never imagined.
  • If you feel you should answer such jealous haters by making a video or replying them with a comment. Just do it but if continue to hate, YOU KNOW WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO.
God Bless and Focus on good things and keep doing what you are doing. Remember that you are unique, you are beautiful and you are the best. Don`t let anything to harm your mental or physical health.

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